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We have a running joke in our family with tea. Even at a fast food drive-thru my sister, Terri, and I would always ask for the biggest tea they offered. My young nephews, who were often with us, would laugh while we ordered, make a T sign with their left forearm and right arm, creating a Big T sign.

It made for some good laughs. Though it wasn't always quality tea, we have enjoyed tea since the days when our Mom used to make instant tea growing up. Since then, we have sampled and researched varieties of our favorite

beverage, tea, and a lot of it. 


Terri and I have enjoyed many blends and varieties of teas over the years, and developed a growing desire to learn more about tea and experience the benefits of drinking tea, while enjoying the great, refreshing tastes. I cannot think of a more desirable business to be in, offering consumers a quality, refreshing product that also offers many possible health benefits. We are committed to search and create the highest quality and best tasting teas and tea blends to share with our customers now and in the future. Let's have a tea party or tea event in your community!


Bonnie Burgess, Co-Owner, The Big Tea Co.

We're all about a good cup of tea!
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